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Author: Heather Jack

Apology re detail on loans for home solar energy

I apologise for my grammatical error in stating that the range of banks listed have finance packages from 0% – which was interpreted that ALL of the banks listed offer finance options from 0%, which is in fact incorrect.  One of the finance options starts at 0%…..  the online article has been updated to state … starting from 0%. This refers to Westpac’s Greater Choices Home Loan which is available for financing solar energy.

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Best time to invest in solar energy at home

To take advantage of this you need to supply a valid quote from your chosen solar specialist. Your solar installer can supply the documentation required to support your finance application provided they are a current SEANZ member. We recommend using a local provider who can offer you ongoing support and service. Choosing the right solar energy system This worthwhile investment does require understanding the differences between solar energy systems and what they offer is not only important, but essential. Here is some insight into the types of solar energy systems on offer and what they could...

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