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Author: Gerry Church


Regarding the term “Elite Māori”, Ms Gates says “The term Elite Māori is a derogatory term used to describe Māori leaders or those that speak up for Te Tiriti and Māori rights.” While open to interpretation without asking the king directly, I can’t imagine that the king was applying that definition to the term when he said it. It really doesn’t matter what Julian Batchelor said before Willie Jackson. Two wrongs never add up to one right. And actually, threats are a crime in New Zealand: Threatening to kill/do grievous bodily harm (Section 306 Crimes Act 1961). Regarding the Boyd Massacre,...

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Vocabulary sets the scene for political change.

“Anger can be an expensive luxury” – Italian Proverb None of us need to experience a behavioural pattern that demonstrates vileness. It has always been advocated that vulgarity is a poor way to express any point being made when expressing in English. English has a vast lexicon of words that are more encouraging and denigrating; and when used correctly can drive home the message meant to be sent and received. The downfall is often that the recipient does not have a clue what is being said to them. Humour teases us to find a way of expressing a thought or a message without...

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