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Author: Elisabeth Resl

Disappointing response on transparency

Highly disappointing, the article ‘TCDC slams door on Open Government Reform’ (The Coromandel Informer 9 July, p.2) has not triggered any meaningful reaction from readers other than Mr Minogue’s ludicrous comments (Letter to the Editor, 17 July). Unfortunately, pushing for more transparency and accountability of Council’s deliberative processes does not seem to be an issue of general concern. Thumbs up for TCDC’s Governance Manager who recommended to adopt in principle, openness by default for all ‘workshops’, ‘huis’, ‘forums’ etc. and clear definitions of why case by case closure may be justified. The...

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Ref: “Question whether the Earth has moved”, 11 June 2024

The Informer published an article about the formation of an “Alliance” (21 May), a potential opportunity for co-operation of Residents and Ratepayers Associations across the Peninsula. The article reflected the information made available to The Informer at the time and it was clear to the reader that the formation of such an Alliance would be work in process. Ever since this article appeared The Informer has come under constant, utterly unjustified attack by individual letter writers. It appears that the ‘formation process’ of the Alliance did not run quite as smoothly and KRRA and other associations...

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The Values Debate

In a Letter to the Editor (“Incorrect Re our Residents and Ratepayers”, 28 May), the writers state that they are distressed and disturbed to have been (in their view) wrongly associated (Editorial, The Informer, 21 May) with key goals as expressed by the ‘Alliance’ because these do not align with their values. This is not only with their personal values but with the values of ‘their’ community (I assume, Kuaotunu, since the letter states that KRRA have withdrawn support of the Alliance). In the letter, The Informer is being blamed of being strongly biased against the Council which caused the...

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Money does not grow on trees – revisited.

Locked in their ivory tower mentality, the Council immediately jumps into defensive mode to, yet again, point out perceived ‘inaccuracies’ in this article by merely repeating what their ‘duties’ are under the Local Government Act 2002 (LGA). Nobody, including Mr Rasmussen, suggests that the Council would risk legal challenge by not adhering to their statutory duties. This is not the point. A truly open-minded and transparent Council would have looked at the many substantial and constructive points that are discussed in this article. 1. Yes, the LTP’s ‘key priorities’ are vague and lofty and...

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The Mayor got in first with his weekly newsletter accusing the author of making “a large number of inaccurate and factually incorrect statements, along with some inflammatory and offensive rhetoric’ and that this ‘has the potential to ignite into more serious threats and actions’. Strong views on the article, from diverse perspectives, were expressed through Letters to the Editor. Good to see that common sense prevailed in the end and no one was further pushed into apologies, a move that would have raised serious concerns with most constituents. After all scrutiny of Council processes is necessary...

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