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Author: Dorothy Preece

It’s ‘yacht’ we do on Sundays!’

“The Waterways is a perfect venue for us to sail the models and we’re very grateful for the opportunity,” says spokesperson Matt Algie.  “We set out the course around the buoys just as the big yachts do, and we can sail in winds up to 20 knots. We currently have about 13 Electron owners who race on Sunday afternoons.

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Club with no home still going strong

The upstart club was frowned upon in international yachting circles, the moreso when it became known that Mercury Bay didn’t even boast a clubhouse.   In those days the yacht races were started with flags from Carol Moyes’ Ford parked on the beach.  They were heady, exciting days. American tourists and news reporters flocked to Mercury Bay to see the beach with no clubhouse. The media coverage went worldwide. History is repeating itself.  Again, the club has no home.  The beautiful clubhouse that was eventually built is now in limbo, standing on piles after the beach washed away...

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School Bell brings back fond memories for the Simpson family

The bell started its life at Dunsdale Farm, situated on the Kuaotunu road near Simpsons Beach (Wharekaho).  The farm was owned by two Simpson brothers, Arthur and Henry who moved there when they came back from the First World War. Both had large families, Henry having six children and Arthur, eight. As the children grew they had no school to go to – Kuaotunu School being too far for them to travel. When the oldest children were seven and eight, the brothers applied to the Education Board for permission to start a school on the property for all the Simpson children.  Permission was granted,...

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Bike Park donation helps protect kauri

Park Manager Jon Maud said Waikato Regional Council (WRC) staff had walked the park and inspected the trees.  “They were concerned about the close proximity of bike trails and walking tracks to these young kauri,” Jon Maud said. “We have to prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback disease. WRC have installed bike and footwash stations in the park, and the fences will be an added protection.”     Mr Maud said the bush track above the two very big kauri on the upper slopes of the park was now closed.  “We would need to build timber walkways above the trees to protect them, so instead we...

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