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Author: Dorothy Preece

Breakfast celebrates staff and volunteers

From left: Councillor Giri-Percival, Helen Rapana, Ms Sanerive-Pere, Peter van der Putten, Tony Marsters Among 45 invited guests were TCDC Acting Deputy-Mayor Rekha Giri-Percival, and Regional Public Service Advisor, Shelley Sanerive-Pere. The powhiri was given by WCST Community Co-ordinator Mike Bennett. In a surprise announcement, Whitianga Social Services Manager Tony Marsters said they would be honouring six of the longest-serving members of the WCST team with long-service certificates.  Two of those mentioned, Peter van der Putten (30+ yrs administrator) and Helen Rapana, (20+ yrs transport/driver)...

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School Principal ‘at home’ in Coroglen

Coroglen school students with their new Principal The Bosson family moved to the Bay in 2010. Karlos initially taught Year 9 at Mercury Bay Area School and helped to launch the Students Aviation Trust, a community school partnership focused on building light aircraft to introduce students to the aviation industry. “This was a fantastic initiative,” Karlos remarked. “Having been an Automotive Engineer before I transitioned into teaching, I was thrilled to contribute to this programme, which has gone from strength to strength.” In 2015, Karlos, his wife Vicky, and their children, Louis and Sadie-Belle,...

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Steady hand at the helm of Social Services

Tony Marsters He might be best known as a charter-boat operator, or as the crew chief of the Waka Kai vessel, or with the Coastguard crew. With both military and civilian background, he is a man well used to getting stuff done. From NCO in the Royal New Zealand Military Police, Tony moved on to civilian contracting, handling tactical logistics for the armed forces as well as world-wide agencies. Daily challenges, problem solving and organisational efficiency are his stock in trade. “This job is very different”, Tony says. “Here the problems are on a more human scale. Even so, every day...

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Callaway House being restored

Left, Rings Gold – The plaque at Opitonui Stream; above, Callaway House owners Bill and Marija Algie (left and right) with Mercury Bay Historic Society members Ian and Lindsay Robbie (centre). The day began with a visit to the historic Buffalo Cemetery, where Able Seaman David Wanks, of HMS Buffalo was buried in 1838.  They then went on to inspect the nearby gold stamper battery, which boasts the largest water wheel in New Zealand. The battery is currently closed but soon to be reopened. The group then took a quick look at Opitonui Stream, where in 1842 Charles Ring discovered the first...

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Health club dream realised

Fitness and wellness enthusiasts gathered outside the doors before the opening, keen to get a look at the new premises with all the brand-new fitness machines. One very excited person was Azzie McLean, who has been in a wheelchair most of his life. “I can’t wait to have a look inside,” Azzie said. “Carley and Josh introduced me to a personal trainer, Laila, and that has made a great difference to my quality of life.” Carly and Josh both have certificates in fitness training, but they aim to make the new Health Club far more than that. “At our old space in the Rugby Club, we hosted a few group...

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Abandoned boats a headache for Regional Council

Waikato Regional Harbourmaster, Chris Bredenbeck, said the owner informed the council that he had attempted to anchor it to the rocks at the end of the Waiomu Bay. “Inevitably, the vessel ended up on top of the rocks punching multiple holes in the hull,” Chris said. “Council attended as soon as it was reported, to ensure there was no oil spill that could adversely affect the environment. The vessel was removed from the beach a few days later, with the help of the community. It was in very poor condition and could not be repaired.” Chris says there are dozens of very old vessels rotting in...

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It’s off to new pastures for Tanya and Winter

Tanya’s career in libraries began back in her schooldays, when at age 13 she became a library helper at Mercury Bay Area School. The task suited her so well that she continued as a library volunteer even after she left school. Then WINZ formalised the job at MBAS, supporting Tanya in a work experience programme. Itchy feet took her to Auckland and a big change of scene. Tanya got a job as a furniture stripper, removing paint and varnish ready for restoration. “You could say I went to Auckland to be a stripper,” Tanya quips. Watching the papers for library jobs, she was taken on as a library...

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She enjoys working out in the open, where the public can see the work develop and share the experience of making art. Flox is passionate about birds, which feature large on her murals in public spaces around Auckland and elsewhere. Flox artwork also makes the backdrop for the TV One Breakfast show. She told her audience that it’s okay to be different, to work outside the square frame and to experiment with other forms of art. Earlier in her career, Flox raised her profile as an artist by producing a range of clothing adorned with her own artwork.  Two of her works, one a white scalpel-cut...

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It’s ‘yacht’ we do on Sundays!’

“The Waterways is a perfect venue for us to sail the models and we’re very grateful for the opportunity,” says spokesperson Matt Algie.  “We set out the course around the buoys just as the big yachts do, and we can sail in winds up to 20 knots. We currently have about 13 Electron owners who race on Sunday afternoons.

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