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Author: Diana Walford

Melting pot’ discredited

The ‘melting pot’ theme of Mr Ammundsen’s contribution belongs to an unenlightened and racist past. Assimilation or ‘blending’ as Mr Ammundsen proposes is a failed, discredited policy of last century. The treatment meted out to Native Americans, the ‘stolen generation’ of Australia and Māoris in Aotearoa was shameful and an effort to make its citizens the ‘same’. More enlightened policy has promoted integration. Integration versus assimilation can be understood by a food analogy. The casserole is a blending – a reduction of diverse ingredients to a whole whereas integration is akin to fruit...

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MP’s from the Right beyond ‘rude’

I write in response to Trevor Ammundsen’s contribution to ‘Through the Portal’ about ‘rude’ MPs from the Left. Ironically, he made me laugh on a very dreary and wet Wednesday morning. It was not the theme that had me amused but the out-moded and seriously backward-looking tropes that belong, thankfully, to less enlightened times. How could any thoughtful person of today take seriously his comment about Julie Ann Genter being American born ‘…so possibly this is acceptable behaviour for their womenfolk’. What?? And his describing National MP Mat Doocey as ’…a mild-mannered West Coast boy who...

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