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Author: Denis Tegg

Government Risks Billions

The multi-billion-dollar fair trade deals (FTA) with the UK, and the EU, both heralded for their strong environmental commitments, are now jeopardised by government policies intent on sacrificing our natural heritage for short-term gain. The FTAs contain the strongest environmental pledges New Zealand has ever negotiated, including commitments to take steps to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies, promote sustainable agriculture and address climate change. They have clear mandatory obligations that the Parties must comply with. For a government prioritizing economic growth, jeopardizing trade...

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From moo to microbes: Is this the end of NZ Dairy?

By 2030, identical dairy proteins made in a vat could be 5 times cheaper than those from a cow, and 10 times cheaper by 2035. Demand for traditional dairy products could drop by 70%. Will New Zealand’s dairy industry adapt or join the ranks of bankrupt giants like Kodak who thought they were immune to innovation? This isn’t about demonising dairy farmers or scaremongering, it’s a call to action. It’s about recognising a massively disruptive global force unfolding beyond our control overseas, and its grave consequences for dairying and our economy. Imagine fermentation vats located in China...

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Sunlit Hope: Renewable Revolution Pierces Climate Gloom

Solar, wind, and battery technologies are growing exponentially, their prices tumbling like dominoes with further cost declines yet to come.  Forget magic bullets like exorbitantly expensive nuclear plants which take 40 years to commission in the USA and must remain off limits in our earthquake-prone islands.   Entire countries are already powered by 100% renewables, and cloudy Scotland just achieved 113%, proving it’s not a future dream, but a present reality. Globally renewables increased by 50% in 2023 with all-time highs in Europe, USA and Brazil.  China commissioned more solar PV than...

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EVs Unleashed: The Future Isn’t Coming, It’s Plugged In Already!

Despite legacy auto and oil industry misinformation campaigns, electric vehicles (EVs) made up 19% of 2023 NZ car registrations. (Source: The Tesla Model Y was the world’s best-selling car in 2023, regardless of category.  On this exponential growth trajectory, EVs will dominate global sales within five years, and sales of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars fuelled by petrol and diesel will be in the rearview mirror. Now imagine a scenario where a long-term EV owner with little knowledge of ICE cars ponders whether they might be better and is deciding whether to...

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