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Author: David Gibson

Grand promises crumble

National had a reasonable but unspectacular position on tackling pollution and the climate crisis but is now showing its true colours. Their pre-election environmental stance was as solid as a house of cards in Cyclone Gabrielle when Seymour and Jones got a say. Remember those grand promises of cleaning up freshwater, boosting biodiversity, and delivering for the climate? Yeah, forget those. Instead, we get a laundry list of policy reversals that read like a handbook on how to dismantle environmental progress. Forget freshwater protection or keeping mining out of Coromandel’s native forests...

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Don’t gloss over ICE vehicles

EVs offer cheaper costs on long trips because you start the trip with around 400 km of range from home charging at cheap overnight electricity rates. A sensible driver on a 655 km journey would stop for at least a couple of half-hour breaks anyway which double as charging stops. Peter glosses over how 95% of EV charging is done at home overnight very cheaply, saving the owner $1000’s a year. Eight years is the time the batteries are guaranteed, not their total life.  Many EV batteries are recording 500,000 kms with minimal battery degradation. The reuse of older tech Nissan Leaf batteries...

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