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Author: Dal Minogue

I defend my stand

Hmm. Some interesting comments from Geoffery Robinson a couple of weeks ago. Issue 1101). I don’t usually respond to that stuff, but sometimes it is important to do so. I have been fortunate enough to represent the TCDC as a Councillor for two terms (6 years) and the WRC as a Councillor for one term (3years). I achieved a lot in both roles, though I accept not everyone will agree. Such is politics. After my spell at TCDC, I successfully stood as the Coromandel candidate for Waikato Regional Council (WRC) because I saw an appalling lack of good governance there due to the egregious behaviour...

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Māori representation on TCDC

The recent decision on Māori representation by the TCDC, led by Mayor Len Salt, is in my opinion a fatal mistake that will throw out the balance of fair community representation. I say that because of my experience not only as a past TCDC Councillor, but as a past WRC Councillor (which had two Māori Councillors) and a past member of the Hauraki Gulf Forum (which had 5 Māori representatives). So here is my take. Such Māori representation ends up being to the extreme environmental left of bona fide ‘greenies’ – until a quid pro quo is paid to the leadership of a tribe...

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