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Author: Buddy Mikaere

Tone is perturbing

The “tone” of some of the articles talking about the TCDC long term plan is a little perturbing. The criticism of expenditure on social services – I for one applaud the Council for having the courage to fill the gap between what should be a Government responsibility and delivery on the ground. In case the entitled haven’t notice, many people in our Coromandel communities are doing it hard and we currently have a government intent on savagely peeling back departmental resources while proclaiming front line services won’t be affected. Seriously? The cutting of support services to Veterans is...

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Disparities in Maori health

His inference that Maori leadership is on both sides of the debate is also ill-considered. Yes, you would expect the Greens, Te Pati Maori, and Labour to defend their Maori Health Authority initiative. But to point to the “well-respected” Shane Reti (well respected? yeah? By whom?) Winston Peters and David Seymour as protagonists with Maori descent – and therefore making the argument Maori v Maori – ignores the political reality. None of those three politicians could be said to represent the Maori viewpoint given that their voting demographic is largely old, stale and pale. I am yet to...

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Maori wards

There have been allegations that the decision is racist and that it will throw out the balance of fair community representation. One correspondent – a former Councillor – going so far as to allege that this will open the process of local government to corruption. Further alleging that iwi co-operation in the past has only come after tribal leadership has been paid a “quid pro quo.” The latter allegation is concerning, and the writer needs to front up with details and evidence if this is indeed the case. However, in my view TCDC is moving with the times as an increasing number of other...

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