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Author: Andrew Noakes

Planning your Treescape – Part 3

This is the third and final instalment of the series “Planning Your Treescape,” that aims to give you the information and ability to make informed decisions about tree planting on your land. Part One – Covered questions to contemplate before planting and how to determine availability of natural resources on your land. Part Two – Covered various environmental players in the long-term viability of a treescape. With that background information, we are now ready to talk specifics and suggest various species to consider when planning your treescape. With the dynamic weather on the Coromandel...

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Planning your treescape Part 2: Species Selection and Placement

Mature Kanuka too close to a shed, requiring crown lift away from building. • Purpose of the planting area: native or exotic species; fruiting trees; wildlife habitat; resource production (ie timber, firewood); or problem solving (ie pollution, water retention). • Available Resources: light, water, soil structure and nutrients. • Space Limitations and Access: for the tree, the root system, as well as yourself. • Desire or ability to undertake ongoing maintenance. There are several factors to consider to achieve long-term results when planning your treescape. It is important to consider...

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Planning Your Treescape Part 1: Planning and Space Considerations

Questions must be asked when planting all trees, but especially larger species: • Will it interfere with your or a neighbour’s view? • Will it grow into a power line or overhang your driveway or fence when fully grown? • Will the tree cause a subsidence issue for your property in the long term? • Will this planting cause structural hazards when fully grown? • Are you going to encourage wildlife or will you be fostering pests and disease? (ie unpruned   Phoenix Palms are happy homes for possums and rats). • How accessible is your tree for ongoing maintenance? If I’ve heard it once,...

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For The Love Of Trees

The importance and benefits of having trees in our gardens and private spaces is evident, and covered in my last column. However, the value that trees bring to the overall systems of nature, as well as human industry is very significant. Street trees vastly improve city landscapes as they bring nature into urban environments. They provide heat reduction, reduce noise pollution, and improve air quality in cities, which improves the lives of those in urban environments. Street trees bring wildlife, encouraging birds and insects to thrive. A leafy town centre is not only m desirable to the body,...

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The benefits of trees

There are so many benefits that trees bring to our lives and landscapes that this topic will be covered in two parts. This month highlights the personal benefits to humans, and next month will focus on the benefits to the landscape, industry, and the natural systems around us. Private garden trees offer many benefits to homeowners including – varied canopy layers providing a diverse garden landscape, as well as creating privacy screens, shelter and windbreaks; trees also increase the value of a property. Certain species can be planted and harvested to provide firewood for...

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