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Author: Ady Cole-Ewen

World Heritage Status for Mercury Bay. Public meeting date set

Thank you to all who contacted me so positively over my World Heritage Site  article in last week’s (9 July) The Informer. An incredible and very rewarding response. Including those who live outside of our area very much in support of extending the proposed boundaries. I can now confirm that we have a definite booking at the Mercury Bay Club for 2.00pm on Sunday, 4 August, for you all to meet, listen to, and ask questions of, Prof. Gordon Maxwell, FRSB,FLS. One of the questions that I have been asked; and I will address it now is; Would Maori retain their Customary Rights under a WHS? Prof....

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World Heritage status – What Does It Mean To Us?

We may not be able to dictate the future of the entire Hauraki Gulf but it is time to set a standard and protect the greater Mercury Bay Area. “The Great Bay of Hei”. Hopefully, our actions may be followed by others. DETERMINED to move forward, to protect and preserve our heritage for future generations, we returned to the UNESCO World Heritage Convention New Zealand website. Globally there are 1,121 World Heritage Sites, both Cultural and Natural. Each has had to satisfy at least one of ten possible selection criteria, adjudicated by the World Heritage Committee. That selection criteria...

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Media biased and lacking ‘free speech’ ethic.

I recently experienced a situation that I had not realised was so deeply embedded in our society. The change in government is here, real, alive and working. But there are still many out there, who, after 6 years of working within the previous government, are mentally unable to move forward and take on board the reality of what is needed to rectify the problems we are now facing. FACT – The Labour government employed an additional 18,000 extra bureaucrats. Why? It seems that when they could not solve a problem they just employed more people. It is not rocket science to understand the extraordinary...

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Sirens in other places but not on the Coromandel?

New Zealand’s biggest Tsunami Siren upgrade is now rolling out across Northland.  These Danish designed solar powered tsunami siren units are unique in that they can also broadcast  emergency messages – allowing full coverage for any type of emergency within the area. Oh to have such a proactive Civil Defence Emergency response system as they have in Northland! When we ran the demonstration for these state-of-the-art Danish sirens at Simpsons Farm, Wharekaho, we invited TCDC including our Civil Defence Leader Garry Towler and his team, to attend. TCDC, and our Emergency Team, declined...

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Deaths of ocean wildlife are now proven to have been consistently underreported and the numbers of dolphins and birds being killed are drastically higher than previously thought. “Seven times as many dolphins are being drowned compared to the rate reported by the vessels fishing industry.  Three to four times as many albatrosses are taking bait, landing on ships, or being killed. And twice as much fish is being discarded from commercial vessels”. (Rebekah White. Senior Editor. NZ Geographic) These figures are from the first reports received from cameras installed on a number of ships. Law...

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Alice Thru The Looking Glass?

Inside out, upside down, and basically incomprehensible; comparable perhaps to going down the rabbit hole with Alice…………. A fair description of TCDC’s proposed Esplanade Project? Absolutely fascinating how 12million+ of our hard-earned ratepayer dollars has been  applied to a project that was apparently identified in 2021-2031 LTP, now has a budget in 2024 but yet to be planned, modelled, publicly notified, and accepted.  How do you cost a project that has no plans? In TCDC newsletter, Friday 12 March 2024, it says “an initial focus group session was held with the project’s advisory group...

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Todd Stephenson pointed out on Stuff recently that when the left activists cancelled the likes of Posie Parker it would only be a matter of time before bigger, nastier bullies cancelled events they opposed (or cancelled out all opposition to those they favoured). That is why true liberals support free speech even when they disagree with what is said. Pauline Stewart has shown herself to be 100% true liberal with The Informer, with a difficult balancing act in endeavouring to give all sides equal opportunity to express their opinions. In doing so she opens herself up to abuse from those who...

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Esplanade – Tsunami Sirens

I question the millions allocated to the “Esplanade Fund”. No-one can tell me what it is all about and there has been no public consultation. Are there some extreme health and safety issues at stake that we have not been advised of? Safety issues are a prime concern. Indeed – we are asked by Council whether we feel “safe” here.  The simple answer is “No”. Where are the costs allocated for Tsunami Sirens? Whitianga is one three places in New Zealand notified as being at high risk of being wiped out by a Tsunami – yet we have no workable warning system in place. Two tsunami towers are required...

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Voices of Reason!

Money does not grow on trees and Social Services definitely need to be left where they belong – in Wellington; along with all the other initiatives the Mayor and his councillors have come up with that do not relate to basic infrastructure. Major issues affecting the Simpsons Beach (Wharekaho) community remain unresolved. No water, no sewage, and no safe footpath along SH25, and no replacement system for the disconnected tsunami sirens. 35 years ago, the first request was made for a safe footpath along this stretch of SH25. The community has grown dramatically since then, as has the...

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