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Jul 23, 2024

My morning at The Coromandel Informer

Ashlee, with some of the containers that were photographed for the Pinky’s advert. When I arrived, I met Emma and Diane. Then we proof-read an advertisement that Pauline had written for the new summer magazine. It was hard looking carefully for mistakes. Some places were short of newspapers so we had to quickly go and drop them off to New World, Woolworths and a motel. Next it was a trip to Pinky’s to take photos for an advertisement that Pinkys was preparing for The Informer. We took a lot of photos of plastic containers and wrote down the price and how many litres each container held. I…

Jul 23, 2024
Local Groups & Clubs

Senior Citizens Club annual tournament and a very special cup

It was the Whitianga Senior Citizens annual indoor bowling competition for the Benjamin Robert Skinner Cup. It is best known as the Buffalo Cup because the teak timber from which the cup was made was recovered from the HMS Buffalo shipwreck in 1936. The cup was made in memory of Mr. Skinner who desired to emigrate to NZ but died just before the family departed.  The family was aware that the HMS Buffalo had been built in India and that it lay in the Mercury Bay, and requested that a piece of the wood recovered be made into a memorial cup to be used for an annual accomplishment prize.   For…

Jul 23, 2024
Film and Photography

A first – Corocine Film Festival

This is a unique opportunity for artists to share their work with a broader audience and gain recognition in the industry. “The CoroCine festival will also be a place for artists who work in other media and may like to move towards sharing their work on the big screen. We hope it will be an ongoing and annual event that will catalyse filmmakers, artists and film lovers to come together and enjoy the best of Coromandel film. There is such a wealth of talent in the Coromandel, and it deserves to be celebrated.” An impressive range of films has already been confirmed, including some well-kn…

Jul 23, 2024
Art & Culture

Unusual visit to Auckland War memorial Museum

Stone tools from Whitianga area; document treatment area at Otahuhu facility of the Auckland Museum. We were granted rare access to the underground storage facilities of the main museum and also the offsite storage facility in Otahuhu.  Most of us were unaware of this latter site but it is a cavernous building with a vast collection of items held in environmentally controlled storage.  Items to be held in this facility must first be treated either in freezing conditions for some time or in a nitrogen purged controlled atmosphere room to destroy any possible biological pests.  Only about…

Jul 23, 2024
Police Report


Family Harm: Over the past week, we have attended six family harm incidents that have all had aspects of a person’s mental health being affected by illicit drug use, which has resulted in further poor decisions. A 42-year-old local man is subsequently facing charges of being Unlawfully on Property and he was also in breach of a Police Safety Order. Police advice is to have nothing to do with illicit drugs and if you are unwell to seek medical support. A. We are still seeking information in relation to a suspected arson at Wharekaho. B. Damage was done to a property in Coghill Street on…

Jul 23, 2024
Farming and Agriculture

Winter tree care

Specimen Bowwood tree in Hahei. In fact, tree roots are not dormant in winter, as they are busy seeking out the necessary resources for the tree to sustain itself  through the season and beyond. Undertaking the following care of your trees in winter: Pruning is highly recommended to tackle in winter, particularly for deciduous trees. This is for a variety of reasons: it’s easier to check for cracks, crossing branches, dead, dying, diseased or dangerous branches without the leaves present when branches are bare. Pruning in winter also allows time for the pruning cuts to recover before le…

Jul 23, 2024
Stan’s Stuff

The hospital way of working – the only way forward!

With much huff and puff and with the support of my very understanding wife, I slowly made it from the most distant arrival gate to the arrivals hall. I doubt it was a kilometre, but it felt like a hundred miles. Thankfully, luggage handling has been much speeded up and soon we were at the pick-up kerb. It was when we were in our friend’s vehicle that I found out that we were not going to collect our car, but we were on the way to the hospital – Auckland City Hospital. Subsequently, I spent 24 hours in hospital. This experience led to an immediate improvement in my health and was possibly …

Jul 23, 2024
Local Business

Sergio and Jana working in the Coromandel

Sergio is an internationally trained massage therapist from Argentina and Jana is a Medical Doctor working at Te Korowai in Whitianga.  They enjoy living at Cooks Beach where Sergio’s home massage clinic is located having recently moved from Thames to Whitianga due to Jana’s job assignment as General Practitioner at Te Korowai. Sergio and Jana were married in Argentina in 2017.  Argentina is Sergio’s home, but Jana is from Prague, Czech Republic.  She was in Argentina working in the community as a volunteer physician. When they met. It was their lifelong love of dancing that brought them t…

Jul 23, 2024
Through the Portal

How stuff is done by council – Then and Now

This sign by the ‘shark bite’ along Buffalo Beach Road has been here over a year. We started comparing how things used to be done to how they are done now, an exercise that could have been amusing but started to make us feel ill. Just consider these examples. 1. The “shark bite” along the Buffalo Beach road which still awaits repair 18 months later. How things used to be done: The local ‘boss’ orders the blokes/women to dump a couple of loads of sand from the Taputapuatea Stream cleanout into the ‘shark bite’, then to get two or three loads of boulders to cover it and secure the bank. …