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Water Sports
In 2023 it was the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, but now it is the largest in the world. This is the Kubota Classic Billfish Tournament. There are 420 boats with a waiting list. Each boat has four or five people on it. “That’s 2,000 people before they get off the water,” says Manager of Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club, John East. The prize money for this amazing tournament comes to around $1.8million in prizes. The heaviest billfish prize is $350,000 in cash. The lucky gate prize is a 5 tonne digger from Kubota valued at $115,000.

‘Wellness Survey’ results lead to exciting new initiatives

A recent ‘Wellness Survey’ in The Local Informer, revealed that the top three areas of importance to locals are: 78% Exercise, fitness, and weight loss 52% Detox and immune support 45% Social connection and fun Thank you to everyone who participated. Results showed that while most want to take a holistic approach to health and wellness, affordability proved to be a significant barrier.

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40 years of Business Club Bowls

32 teams of four from real estate agents to plumbers, from golfers to tennis players and Bridge Club members to a pub team participated. They all came to have a series of fun evenings of playing lawn bowls. At the awards after the bowls, Betty Grant and Paul Simpson were recognised as being at the very first Business House event 40 years ago, both from the Tennis Club and they have played for the 40 years. When all the scores were calculated two teams were equal in first place – last year’s winners, Sunz and first time entrants, Topdogs. One bowler from each team was selected and a one bo…
Jimmy Johnson
Stan’s Stuff

My teenage self would annoy me now!

When I think back on my teenage years, I blush. Why? Because I was such a know-all – a smart-arse! How come? I was pushed out of school at 14. My education such as it was, had no history, no language, no classics and no art. The high point was sheet-metal work.
Stan Stewart

Through the Portal

Reasons to be cheerful Part 1

I must start by acknowledging the source of the title for this week’s missive, a salute to Ian Drury and the Blockheads. I thought this was an appropriate source of inspiration as I have been thinking about one reason why we have to be cheerful, we do not have a train in Whitianga. And of course,…
Trevor Ammundsen

Letters to the editor