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Staff are stretched. Finances are tight, not just for our Council but for others as well, though the cost of cyclone recovery and catch up has had more bearing on budgets for TCDC than say, Hauraki District Council

Leadership and responsibility part of their daily life and work

Both Francie and Hugo are very conscious of this. The Informer spent time with the two  talking about their understanding of being a head student and also their views on Anzac Day. Both Francie and Hugo will be leading part of the Dawn Service at Soldiers Memorial Park, Whitianga on Anzac Day, reading out the names of the fallen from this district from World War One and Two. Francie: “I believe a head student needs to feel strong in who they are, with an understanding of their own values and the values of the school.

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Catching a fish but not a bird

As the Programme Co-ordinator, I found the boat ramp advocacy and school visits to be a particular highlight. I spoke with roughly 900 recreational fishers over the summer at seven different boat ramps. The people spoken to were not just boaties; they were surf casters and family groups fishing from the wharf as well. I have been amazed at how much the children knew and how most people do respect the seabirds and appreciate their vulnerability and importance to our ecosystems. Everyone thought avoiding catching a bird was a good idea! Southern seabirds would like to thank The Informer for…
Ann Ward
Stan’s Stuff

NOT pro-Jewish, NOR anti-German – but ABOUT LIFE for EVERYONE!

My play ‘Getting Through’ is based on events which happened in Auschwitz Concentration camp in the Second World War. Obviously, anything that is based on events that happened in that location must inevitably be horrific. However, against that dark background shafts of light pierce through. It is …
Stan Stewart

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A bit of culture at Melemskov

I have been away for a small time and thought it might interest a few to know what I’ve been up to.
Trevor Ammundsen

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