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We feel we belong – thank you! It was exciting to be in the Whitianga Town Hall last Saturday evening, 8 June. The large community of Filipinos invited people they had come to know through their living and working here in New Zealand, to join their Independence Day celebrations.

Mayor comes for Leadership Day

The Principal, Gary Veysi, had planned for the students to meet their regional leader, the Mayor and to hear from him a little about his life and work, and for him to meet the student leaders. The students and school staff had obviously been rehearsing and preparing for some time for this special day. Following the very formal time of greeting, the entire school and some parents and community neighbours gathered for the school assembly.

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Two champion rock n rollers

Rob and Tyree Connor. They love dance. They compete, judge, train, teach and MC occasions for dance and have been doing it for decades. It is a hobby at which they have excelled together, but it is one they greatly enjoy as well as one in which they have won and also judged at a regional and national level. Rob’s intense and consuming life of auctioneering and real estate needed to ease, and Tyree knew her work as an eduction consultant and trainer in the agricultural industry could be done mostly online; so, a change of lifestyle for both of them was imminent. That brought Rob and Tyre…
The Informer
Stan’s Stuff

If the power fails –two beauties to help us through The Thermette and the Coolgardie Safe

How do you get your hands on these items? A Thermette is probably, possibly, at the back of your grandpa and/or grandma’s  shed. Go fossick. The Coolgardie Safe – you can knock one up in an hour or so. No special skills are required
Stan Stewart

Through the Portal

The greatest of all time? – The Forwards

The recent death of Sid Going inspired me to have a go at picking the best Māori Rugby team of all time. In last week’s edition of The Informer, I released my picks for the back line but now it is time to have a go at the forwards.
Trevor Ammundsen

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