Sunday, 27 September 2020


Whitianga chef cooks up a musical feast during lockdown

A Whitianga chef has been using his time out of the kitchen to embrace his musical talents, managing to start a band, jam online and even release a single all while in lockdown.

Guitarist, Scott Burst, a senior chef at Espy Café, joined up with three other restless musos from around the North Island, pooling their talents on a musical project to keep themselves entertained during the Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown.

Appropriately named “The Lockdown Broject,” the band’s first single, “Sell Me,” was launched on YouTube at the end of April, receiving a good reception.

“We are purely a ‘virtual’ internet band,” says Scott. “My wife came up with the name Lockdown Broject and the other guys were keen to run with that.”

Whether or not the group will actually come together in person once life has become more normal after the most severe Covid-19 restrictions is unknown as the members are all involved in other bands. “Who knows, watch this space,” says Scott.

The band have a second single set to be released on YouTube shortly and lots more in their creative pipeline.

The other three band members are Amos Clarke on bass and vocals, a senior lecturer in construction at Unitec who also runs a boutique recording studio in Auckland, Paul Cooke on guitar, who runs an open mic night at his local surf club and teaches music, and Dave Morello on drums.

Scott and his family moved to Whitianga in 2014. He has been playing in bands and recording music since high school. His biggest highlight up to now was opening the Big Day Out in Auckland after winning a music TV video contest. He knows Dave and Amos from the Auckland music scene, but has never actually met Paul in person.

The virtual musical collaboration has not been as simple as it might appear since online video collaboration apps don’t support everybody playing at once. The band have resorted to some Kiwi ingenuity supported by the mixing talents of Amos. The process usually kicks off with Scott devising some guitar riffs to set up a basic structure. He sends the riffs to Amos who then layers Dave’s drums and his own bass and vocals, and also writes the lyrics. From there Paul will add a guitar solo and the mix then bounces around the band for tweaks and adjustments until the group are mutually happy. Finally, Amos finishes the single at his music studio and this is all done with smart phones, iPads, selfie sticks and a bit of duct tape DIY.

Sell Me can be found on YouTube by searching “The Lockdown Broject.”

Pictured: Whitianga chef and guitarist, Scott Burst, is a member of “virtual” band, “The Lockdown Broject.”


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