Saturday, 26 September 2020


Police Report - Monday, 7 September to Monday, 14 September 2020

Monday, 7 September to Monday, 14 September 2020


Superintendent Bird, the officer in charge of the Waikato Police District, visited his staff here in Whitianga on Thursday last week and stayed the night for a visit to Coromandel Town and Thames the following day.

Generally he thought our area is going pretty well, but unfortunately for three drivers in our town he gets up early and drives an unmarked Police patrol vehicle. Three $80 infringement tickets issued on Friday morning is a reminder for everyone to not use your cell phone when driving - or expect a ticket.

We all need to continue to do our best to reduce the effects of COVID-19 throughout our community and New Zealand.

Stick to the rules and help others when you can.       


No arrests this week.


Five Family Harm incidents attended this week.

On the 7th a young couple argued about their relationship at a South Highway address resulting in a Police Safety Order being served to give them time apart, while on the 9th a family argued at a White Street address about custody issues and direct advice was give.

Also on the 9th a woman and her adult daughter argued about financial issues and sound advice was given.

On the 11th a couple arguing at a South Highway address were referred to support agencies.

Two brothers fought at a White Street address on the 13th and a Police Safety Order was issued to separate them and calm the incident.

On the 7th a laundry basket was stolen from a Monk Street premises and enquiries are continuing in relation to security footage obtained.

A person was noted unlawfully on property at a Whitby Avenue address on the 10th when a garden shed was found unlocked and on the 11th a teenage boy was assaulted by a man at a South Highway address after a dispute about his daughter and he is to be interviewed.

A couple stole property from a Joan Gaskell Road premises on the 13th and enquiries are continued in relation to identified suspects.


A car crashed into a fence on Halligan Road on the 13th and the driver is still to be located.


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