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Planning issues, football injuries and record squids hit the headlines

These days, people can rely on The Informer to bring them all the important news from around Mercury Bay and the surrounds. Once upon a time that was the role of the Bay Bulletin, which was “dedicated to progress in Mercury Bay and circulated free throughout the Whitianga, Kuaotunu, Coroglen and Whenuakite Postal Districts.” While technology has certainly changed - not to mention the way life is being lived on the Coromandel - a glance back at an issue from almost 70 years ago reveals that while the news has certainly moved on, some issues just never seem to go away…

Vol 3 No 6 Tuesday, 22 May 1951

Town Planning Scheme Amended

It has been suggested that at the next Parliamentary session, legislation is to be brought down which will widely amend the Town Planning Act and consequently the Whitianga Extra-Urban Planning Scheme which is proving so detrimental to the progress of the district and the welfare of the residents. Mr AS Sutherland, member for Hauraki, admitted that the Town Planning Act had presented many anomalous problems and was due for immediate revision.

There can be no doubt that after four years of delay, Whitianga’s Town Planning Scheme is proving a very serious handicap to the progress of the township and a definite hardship to many of its residents. We hear of prospective land subdivisions being disallowed, building permits of business houses and manufacturing concerns being refused, landowners being denied the right to erect a home for themselves on their own property and many other unnecessary controls and restrictions being enforced in the community.

World’s Record Squids in New Zealand

New Zealand’s octopi are the second biggest in the world, but our squids hold the world record for size. Octopi in Cook Straight are superseded in size only by octopi found on the Californian Coast. However, the world’s record for a squid - which has 10 arms to the octopus’s 8 - was one washed ashore at Lyall Bay about 1880. Tentacles of the 7ft body were between 50ft and 57ft long overall.

Uncle Kinna Scores Magnesia Try

Kinna Kelly, the Kaktus King, old and all as he is, astounded the natives at Tairua last Saturday when he scored a magnesia try. It must have been a terrific strain on the old gents’ physical reserves ‘cos he was showing signs of a severe exhaustion on Sunday morning.

Mr Fred Taylor Joins the Navy Tomorrow

Mr Fred Taylor is on his way to be one of the boys in blue and will be leaving Whitianga tomorrow to report for duty at the Naval Base, Auckland.

Trevor Bramley Injured at Football

Whilst playing for Whitianga at Tairua last Saturday, Mr Trevor Bramley suffered a fractured cheek bone and was removed to the Thames Hospital where it is understood he is to undergo an operation. His condition is reported as satisfactory.

Saturday’s Rugby Results

At Tairua, Whitianga soundly trounced Tairua-Hikuai to the tune of 17 - 3. For Whitianga F Chaney (2), K Kelly and E Troughear scored tries and W Just converted one try. The home team’s points were earned by D Laycock who scored a try. It is suggested that the Bay’s victory was due to a great extent to the keen barracking of their supporters on the sideline. Tairua barrackers were also on the job and the atmosphere on the sideline became a little heated at times. Mr R Quigg refereed.


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Pictured: The Informer came into possession of a copy of the Bay Bulletin ofTuesday, 22 May 1951, a two-page A4-size newspaper providing interesting insightinto life in Mercury Bay during that time.


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